Dette emnet er erstattet av GEO2130 – Strukturgeologi.

Semesterside for GEL2130 - Høst 2006

The practical on 27 September is in Aud 2.

19. sep. 2006 12:24

HI to all new students in Structural Geology this termPlease notice the start of the course at Tuesday September 5th. I recommend to use the textbook: EARTH STRUCTURE by Van der Pluim and Marshak because this book has the same organization as my lectures. Having said this, it is also possible to use other books in basic structural geology, they mostly have the same content and provide the same basic information. Look forward to see you soon. If you have any questions contact me at the email or by coming to my office at PGP (room 407) or IG

21. aug. 2006 11:37