Syllabus/achievement requirements

N.P. James & R.W. Dalrymple (eds.) (2010). Facies Models 4. Geotext 6. Geological Assiciation of Canada. ISBN 978 -1-897095-50-8

A. Traverse (2007) Paleopalynology. Topics in Geobiology, Vol 2007, SBN: 978-1-4020-6684-9 (Print) 978-1-4020-5610-9 (Online)

For the biostratigraphy/biofacies part of the course pdf’s of the lectures (powerpoints) will be available. Supplementary, selected chapters from textbooks and research papers (pdf’s) will be also provided on the Classfronter website. The practicals will be based on microfossil preparations and readymade sets of biofacies and biostratigraphic data.\

Recommended reading:

  • H.G.Reading, 1996. (ed.) Sedimentary Environments: Processes, Facies and Stratigraphy. Blackwell Science. Third Edition.ISBN 0-632-03627-3.
  • R. W. Jones, 2006. Applied Palaeontology. Cambridge University Press. ISBN-10: 0-521-84199-2 (ISBN-13: 9780521841993).
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