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This intensive course starts Monday …

This intensive course starts Monday 3 September at 09:00 am in the Auditorium (also used as lunch room) at the 4th floor in the Geological Museum (building inside the Botanical Garden of the Natural History Museum, Sars' Gate 1, Tøyen in Oslo).

Please download a pdf-file with the latest information at: LINK. This file is dated, and may be updated again before the course starts.

Bring your own lunch and drink every day. NOTE: For the first day (Mon. 3 Sep.) there will be an afternoon field trip to old iron skarn mines at Sognsvann in Oslo. Bring your field clothes and boots plus field equipment (hammer, eye protection glasses, hand lens; rain gear if necessary) and travel pass or money for public transportation.

For preparations to the first day's field trip, see our Handouts page at: LINK

Read there the "Field Trip 20-21 SEP 10 - BACKGROUND" about the Oslo Rift, and the "Field Trips - SKARN" papers there. You can also download and print the Oslo Rift geologic map there.

Questions: Associate Professor Tom V. Segalstad, E-mail: <>. Phone: 22851662 Mobile: 91193973.

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