Semesterside for BIOS4020 - Høst 2019


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Logg på Canvas

Welcome to BIOS4020. This autumn the course goes twice week 40-44 and week 46-50, so you meet for the one you have been schedule to. The course starts either on Monday 30th September at 0915 at room 3213 (not 0815) for those in the first course or for those in the second course Monday 11th November at 0915 (not 0815) at room 3213. Presence is obligatory for the whole course. If you look on the schedule on this Webpage for the course, the schedule here just shows booking of both the lecture hall and the laboratorium (most of the days we start at 0915, with a few exceptions). The detailed schedule you will find in Canvas for both courses. This is the schedule that should be used. If you have any questions, just contact me. Hans-Petter 

27. aug. 2019 11:14