Semesterside for BIO4140 - Høst 2007

The field course can be paid hereThis should be done as soon as possible!

24. aug. 2007 10:24

It is soon time for the first session at our Field station at Tømte. Please log on to Fronter. Go to the Tutorial folder an read either the HMS-English or the HMS-Norsk document (about health, environment and safety at the workplace). After having done that, please fill in the "Field card for all participants" and give it to either the student administrators or to one of us. You will be reminded about this at the information lecture on Thursdag Aug. 30. Hans Petter Leinaas/Asbjørn Vøllestad

23. aug. 2007 17:18

All important information will be given in Fronter

20. aug. 2007 17:54