Semesterside for MBV-KJM1030 - Vår 2012

Several important documents such as the reading list and the first exercises are now posted on Fronter. I suggest that you start by reading Chapters 1 (until Friday) and 2 (until Monday) and prepare Exercise 1 (so that you are prepared when you attend the first exercise next week). From now on all messages will only be on Fronter.

16. jan. 2012 19:51

The introduction to the course will be on 20/1 14:15, followed by the first lecture. The lecture will therefore finish later than usual, at approximately 16:15.

11. jan. 2012 14:56

Since several students asked: you may use any biochemistry book you like, but have to make sure you know the course pensum at the end ot the course (finding the appropriate chapters yourself).

11. jan. 2012 14:53