Semesterside for MBV2010 - Vår 2010

There will be no lectures in week 20 (May 18/19).

The final colloquium will be on May 21. We will go through new questions and previous exam questions that can be found here .

14. mai 2010 15:48

Pensum for the final exam on June 3 are Chapters 10-17 of the Genomes 3 textbook except 14.3 (Regulation of Genome Activity During Development). Developmental biology is covered in MBV3020 (Molecular Genetics and Developmental Biology) that runs in the fall semester.

11. mai 2010 15:55

The number of correct answers (poengsum) for each candidate can be found here .

Please let me know (, if you think the numbers are not correct.

13. apr. 2010 17:24