Syllabus/achievement requirements

Jin Xiong : Essential Bioinformatics, 2006. Cambridge University Press . ISBN: 0-521-60082-0 .

Tom Kristensen: Sekvenssammenstillinger/Sequence alignments, 2002. Klikk her.

Thompson, J.D., Higgins, D.G. and Gibson, T.J.: CLUSTAL W: improving the sensitivity of progressive multiple sequence alignment through sequence weighting, positions-specific gap penalties and weight matrix choice, 1994. Nucleic Acids Research, 22:4673-4680.

D.G:Higgins, J.D.Thompson and T.J.Gibson: Using CLUSTAL for multiple sequence alignments., 1994. Methods Enzymol. 266, 383-402.

Roger Staden: Finding protein coding regions in genomic sequences, 1990. Methods in Enzymology 183 p. 163-180.

Material to read for a brief introduction to perl programming will be given during the course.

Sean R Eddy: "What is a hidden Markov model?" in 2004. Nature Biotechnology. 22(10), 1315-6.

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