Welcome to MBV4020, we start-up …

Welcome to MBV4020, we start-up on Monday 28. September at 08h15. A detailed schedule will come later. If you have a question do not hesitate to contact me. Best regards Hans-Petter (h.p.hersleth at imbv.uio.no, room 2313, phone 22854631).

The course is divided into 6 parts: Protein purification, Protein Crystallography, Spectroscopy, Protein NMR, Proteomics: 2D gels and Proteomics & MS.

The book that is recommended for the course is “Physical Biochemistry: Principles and Application” by David Sheehan, 2nd edition 2009, ISBN 978-0-470-85603-1. For the time being Akademika has only the 1st edition. The 2nd edition has also a chapter on Proteomics.

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