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Semester page for MBV4210 - Spring 2007

Undervisning - (MBV4210 - vår 2007) K. Kristoffer Andersson

Tuesdays 09.15-12.00, Thursdays 09.15-12.00, room 2621 Biologihuset 2nd floor

1-3 Introduction to enzymes in general and steady state kinetics; alcohol dehydrogenase, stereospecific reactions, tunneling, cofactors. One substrate reactions, saturation, Ks, Km, steady state, Vmax, plots. Several different types of simple enzyme inhibition and activation +plots, suicide inhibition. HB 51-106; VV 459-486

4-6. Heme-proteins, myoglobin and hemoglobins, axial ligands, tetra pyrrols. Binding of ligands to protein. Sigmiod kinetics and allosteric enzymes. Hill and Adair equations, models. VV 320-353, HB 5-49

7-9. Reversible reactions, Development and use of Haldane equations. Use of King-Altman technique for net velocity equation. Multi-substrate kinetics, sequential and none sequential enzyme mechanism. VV 481-493, HB 108-130

10-12 Timedep...

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