Publisert 15. mai 2006 12:10

A pdf-file containing the exams given in 2004 and in 2005 can be downloaded by clicking on "previous exams"

Publisert 3. mai 2006 00:51

Wednesday May 03: lectures 09 + 10 are now ready for download. Studentpresentations from last Friday will be presented here.

Friday may 05: lectures 07 on repression, and 08 on Elongation.

Publisert 27. apr. 2006 13:16

IMPORTANT MESSAGE. The professsor is ill in bed and the lecture tomorrow (Friday) has to be cancelled. Next lecture will be Tuesday.

Publisert 24. apr. 2006 20:42

Articles to be presented by confirmed participants have now been selected and can be found by following the appropriate link to the left. Remember, max 10 minutes. Please use powerpoint (or overheads) and prepare the presentations in English.

Publisert 11. apr. 2006 16:35

Preliminary course information • The lectures will be given in English • The lectures will be made available for download after being held • All participants are required to present an article, provided by course tutor. • There is no defined curriculum (pensum) but the lectures define the scope and depth of the course. Extra reading material in the form of review articles will be provided for selected topics. A list of reviews for supportive reading can be downloaded by following the link Pensum. On top of that page is a link to the review list (pdf) with URLs. To get started, you may wish to read the review Hahn 04 RNAPII ... located at the same page.

Publisert 28. mars 2006 11:38

Kurset er flyttet til rom 3508.