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To get started, you may wish to read the review of Hahn from 2004. This can be downloaded by following the link below.

Hahn: Structure and mechanism of the RNA polymerase II transcription machinery, 2004. Download here.


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1. LECTURE - promoters

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2. LECTURE - RNA polymerase

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4. LECTURE - Coactivators & Mediator

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5. + 6. LECTURE - Chromatin

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7. LECTURE - Repression

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8. LECTURE - Elongation

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10. LECTURE - Architectural TFs

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11. LECTURE - homeodomains

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12. LECTURE - zinc fingers

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13. LECTURE - bZIP and bHLH

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15. LECTURE - Nuclear receptors

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17. LECTURE - Rb and cell cycle

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18. LECTURE - p53

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