Semesterside for IN2020 - Høst 2019

In the hope of less confusion, another explanation of the terms variable, value/level, condition and treatment:


A first independent variable X, can take certain values (verdier?), also called levels (nivåer?): X1, X2, X3, ...

A second independent variable Y, can take certain values (verdier?), also called levels (nivåer?): Y1, Y2, Y3, ...

(for 'levels' see book, p. 56)


The sum of values or levels (here: 3+3) does not interest anyone (other than when you do two basic design studies after each other, one for each independent variable). But the PRODUCT of each number of levels does interest, namely in a FACTORial design, so 3 times 3 possible conditions (villkår?) arise, which participants of an experiment can experience/go through in different ways. A ' condition' is - in a basic design - the same as a value/level of the one IV, but particularly in a factorial design a conditi...

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Next week we dedicate to exam PREParation: So there will be a very mixed, yet summarizing and comparative lecture on Monday. And on Tuesday your group teachers plan an exam prep seminar over all Tuesday afternoon (12:15-16:00, room SHELL) with quiz and some socializing, with hot chocolate for the joy of learning :)

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Supplementary literature used in the lecture:

The Imbrication of Technologies and Work Practices: The Case of Google Glass in Danish Agriculture

Available for download at:

Recommended to read: chapters/paragraphs about the study in general, the data collection methods, what kind of data the researchers had gathered, and the data analysis (coding categories, theoretical concepts)

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We are approaching the finals of the course quite fast, I hope everyone is working on assignment 4 to be delivered by Sunday night :)

We are sorry for the confusion on techniques/methods, let's stick to the qual. data collection methods being diaries, observations, surveys, interviews, and focus groups!


Course wrap-up is scheduled for the 18.11. (lecture) and 19.11. (with all your group teachers and some games/socializing).

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Repetition session with Joshi, Tuesday 05.11.19, in room Logo from 14-16OJDSeminarrom Logo

S. G. Joshi

Qualitative research methods, ch. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

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