Semesterside for IN2150 - Vår 2020

I have received many questions regarding how to use the group assignment case in the exam. Here are the main questions asked and the answers:

Q1: When we are using examples from our own project should we use the names of the systems that we were investigating or should we use generic names? Up until now I've personally only used "In our project ..." and not used any system names or even the name of the organization since I'm afraid that it could break anonymity of the exam. 

Q2: How specific can/should we be when referring to our projects this semester in the exam? Will the exam have different reviewers, so that we can refer to details in our case without worrying about that identifying us?

A1&2:  you are many in each group and it would be really difficult for us to identify the student, even if you write about your case. One of the sensor has not been part of evaluating the group work, so he/she does not kn...

2. juni 2020 12:44

I have received some questions via email about the exam - here are the Q&A:


Q1: Could you just confirm weather we should reference in our text and include a reference list? It says nothing about it in the exam.

A1: Yes, confirmed.


Q2: If we are going to use examples from our project, doesn't that compromise the anonymity?

A2: You are many in the group, it would be difficult to identify the exact person. In addition, one of the sensor has not been a sensor on the group assignment. To use the group case as a example is a suggestion not a requirement.


Q3: Do we have to use examples from either lectures, articles or the project, or could we also use our own, made up examples?

A3: You should prioritise the examples from the course material (lectures, pensum, seminar).


Q4: When you say that we don't have to define t...

2. juni 2020 09:43

Because of Pentecost Monday (June 1st and a holiday) the deadline for handing in the exam is Monday June 8th.



14. mai 2020 10:54