I have received some questions via email about the exam - here are the Q&A:


Q1: Could you just confirm weather we should reference in our text and include a reference list? It says nothing about it in the exam.

A1: Yes, confirmed.


Q2: If we are going to use examples from our project, doesn't that compromise the anonymity?

A2: You are many in the group, it would be difficult to identify the exact person. In addition, one of the sensor has not been a sensor on the group assignment. To use the group case as a example is a suggestion not a requirement.


Q3: Do we have to use examples from either lectures, articles or the project, or could we also use our own, made up examples?

A3: You should prioritise the examples from the course material (lectures, pensum, seminar).


Q4: When you say that we don't have to define the terms, does that mean we should not? I find it useful to at least define how I understand socio-technical systems, so that it makes more sense for to draw a red line from there and throughout the text.

A4: You can define the terms if it works better for you. 


Q5: Are we going to have a "trøsterunde" where we can ask questions?

A5: No it is not planned. But I’ll answer the email and publish Q&A for everyone to read. Anonymously.


Q6: hvordan anbefaler du å kildehenvise til informasjon vi har fått i seminar-timene og av egne notater som er tatt i gruppe-og-seminar timene?

A6: You can reference to the seminar with the date and title of the seminar.


Q7: Is it enough to just base my answers on part 2 from the two articles (i know that we at least expected to use as examples), or can we use other articles to for example explain my understanding of terms like informationinfrastructure, installed base, standarization, generic software pacakges etc.?  is it positive to use more articles in part 2?

A7: yes, you are expected to use more articles.


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