Old exams and information about this year's exam.

The best way to prepare for the exam is to solve the 2nd "mandatory" assignment, which, due to the corona situation, was not mandatory. Once you have done this, you should try previous exams.

Exam 2017  -  Answer references 2017

Exam 2018Answer references 2018

Exam 2019Answer references 2019

If there are any problems that you do not get, read the theory in the textbook and study the corresponding examples carefully.

This year's  exam will not be similar to the previous exams, as it will be a one-week home exam. This year you will have access to the test basis a software system to be developed. The test basis may contain, different specifications, requirements, models, etc. Based on the test basis, you may, among other things, be asked to integrate the various test activities into the software project life cycle, design test cases, determine test coverage,  etc. By solving previous exams and assignments, you will acquire knowledge and skills that will make you better prepared for this year's exam.

Good luck! 


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