Semesterside for IN3240 - Vår 2021

There will be a digital "clarification round"  with Eva at Zoom from kl. 10:00 AM (until 11:00 AM). If you have any questions regarding the exam paper you can join this meeting. 

Link to Zoom can be found HERE.

1. juni 2021 18:52

The test exam is relatively representative of this year's exam in Inspera. It was once solved in Silurveien without aids. However, this year the students must complete the 4-hour digital Inspera exam from home. They are allowed to use aids, but all communication with anyone others is considered cheating.

Since it can be solve it with aids, some of the questions will be less specific and more reflective than the questions in  the test exam. There will also be a little more work to do. This means that if you spend a lot of time looking up things, you may risk not being finished within the available time.

Basically, the text editor in Inspera should be sufficient to answer the questions. Among other things, it is possible to make tables, and there is also the possibility of freehand drawing. It is recommended to take the test exam and check out the possibilities that exist in advance.

Nevertheless, for those who need it, it will be possib...

25. mai 2021 17:27

It is now possible to take a trial exam in Inspera. The exam is a previous exam paper (2017) that has already been published in the timetable, but for those of you who want experience of taking this type of exam in Inspera, you can log in and try. Test exams will be available until midnight June 1st.

22. mai 2021 16:57