Group 1: Florens Beyer, Siv Årsand, Anna Mortensen Finstad, Suresh Sapkota
Group 2: Thuan Thu Thi Vo, Brage Westvik Bråten, Emilie Mæhlum, Adrian Haga
Group 3: Marianne Bang, Siri Dølvik Reder, Inger Helene Howells Engebretsen, Nathalie Dyhr Olimb

Group 4: Trine Shil Kristiansen, Chris Kløv Andersen, Zahra Ghassem Yndestad, Hanna Alderslyst Kongshem
Group 5: Florian Maurits Arbes, Bendik Hess-Bolstad, Anders Erik Brustad, Anne Sofie Gjøby
Group 6: Mari Lofthus Arnesen, Nilza Eliana Correia de Lemos Collinson, Viljar Tornøe, Andreas Nyborg Hansen

Group 7: Tom-Olav Bøyum, Sigurd Hæreid, Maren Søby Fosser, Jakob Kongsrud
Group 8: Anders Jakob Sivesind, Jakob Lohre Køhn, Tidemann Telix Tronerud, Kristoffer Dagestad
Group 9: Henr...

Sep. 25, 2019 10:06 AM

All IN5010 students have to buy the course syllabus at Akademika - the academic bookshop at Blindern - but wait until you have received information that you are accepted in the course.

The course syllabus is a printed volume with 10 articles, NOT a book. If you search Akademika's website on the course curriculum, it comes up with a book title, which used to be the course book.  We use only one chapter of this book, which is part of the course syllabus.

But in case you are interested in reading more, I can recommend the book:...

Aug. 21, 2019 4:17 PM

I understand it is not always easy to fit other courses with this intensive course. On the schedule you will see that most lectures are in the morning and other activities in the afternoon. I am sure with some help from your fellow students, you can combine other courses with IN5010!

However, the 80% participation requirement in IN5010 is still applicable and can't be negotiated. All formal activities in the course fall under the 80% participation requirement. Optional activities have an (o) after their description and don't fall under this requirement.

Aug. 21, 2019 3:05 PM