WELCOME to the First Lecture: 09:15 on 18.01.2019. Room: Shell

Please find the time and lecture room

Time: 9:15-12:00 

Date: 18.01.2019 (Friday)

Room: Shell


IN5030 has the following features

  • Lectures are given by the invited experts from industry, government organizations and academic
  • State-of-the-art topics are well-covered, e.g., Big Data, Software Defined Networking, Cloud, Internet of Things
  • Classic topics are included and further updated, e.g., optical, WiFi, protocol for multimedia streaming, cyber attacks with real examples
  • Building strong connections between network principles and their applications in industry

First lecture brief information

  • You will understand the scope of the course
  • You will find the strong expertise of the invited experts
  • You will know the oral examination process

WELCOME to the first lecture of IN5030!

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