Many of the PhD and Master students at the Information Systems Group conduct action research projects for their dissertations, either as part the HISP program or as longitudinal case studies in the Norwegian health sector. From a methodological point of view these projects are quite demanding, partly because they are conducted in dynamic environments where not all aspects of the research are under control.  This course aims at providing the PhD students and Master students with hands-on research skills to conduct action research is dynamic but exciting environments, so that they can better contribute to both research and practice..


The 10 ECTS course is run over 6 days, each day focusing on particular action research topics. The first half of each day will cover lecture to provide some conceptual foundations, while in the afternoon we will have students to do practical work where they will apply some of these conceptual learnings. The practical work is conducted on the students’ projects, in small groups.



Assessment is done in two steps.

  1. Written exam. 1 hour.
  2. Assignment, develop your research proposal in iterations. For new Master and new PhD students the assignment will be the proposal. For others the method chapter


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