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Day 1   

March 2

Day 2   

March 3

Foundation of Action Research

  • What is Action Research?
  • Why Action Research?
  • Models of Action Research
  • The messy world of Action Research
  • History of Action Research

       Egil & Terje


  • Research question formulation within the context of Action Research


Interpretative Case studies Brian Nicholson

Designing for an Action Research study

What is an Action Research design?

  • Key components of an Action Research Design





  • Group work (in pairs): Individual research questions
  • Which model of Action Research to apply
  • Presentation and discussion


  • Discussing case studies of Action Research
  • Lars Rolland present his method chapter

How to write your methods chapter


Readings: (in prioritized sequence)

  • Susmann and Everett (1984): Action research
  • Davison et al (2004) Canonical Action Research
  • Checkland, P. Soft Systems Methodology
  • Mumford, E.


  • Lars Rolands method chaper
  • Klein and Myers (1999). Guidelines for conducting and evaluating interpretive research
  • Braa and Vidgen (1999): Action case



Day 3     

March 4

Day 4 

March 5        

The Action Research  cycle

  • The collaboration agreement
  • Data collection strategies
  • Data processing approaches
  • Data interpretation and analysis

Brian Nicholson

  • Data presentation
  • Data dissemination



  • Evaluating Action Research
  • Analysis


Group work: Develop evaluation criteria and design for evaluating your action research project.







  • Group work:
  • Present your research Design including each component
  • Interpretative Case study
  • Group Work
  • Discuss research question and research design


Sein et al (2011) Action Design Research

Miles & Huberman (1994) Chapter  1-5


Second Assignment: Revised research design and plans, including data display





Day 5           

March 6


  • Brian Nicolson:  Understanding the link between Theory and Action
  • Theorizing from empirical data
  • Tensions in conducting action research
  • Dilemmas you experience
  • Ethics – what are some ethical considerations in doing action research?
  • Documenting your research cycle
  • How to write a method chapter






  • Assignment discussion
  • Group work (in pairs): Evaluation of outcomes of own intervention.


Readings: Miles & Huberman Chapter 10

Braa et al Network of Action




Final Assignment:


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