Semesterside for IN5400 - Vår 2021

Dear Students,

1 -- the exam cover page is published here. Read it please carefully.

2-- to make it explicit: you will get 30 minutes extra time beyond the 4 hours exam time to scan drawings and to upload the pdf with drawings. This is also mentioned on the exam cover page.

3-- there will be a zoom with waiting room function open for question during the exam:

Meeting ID: 684 3474 8263
Passcode: 526699in54

Waiting room function means: if you have a request, then join the zoom, you will be admitted into the waiting room, and put into a 1-1 session with me.

4 -- I strongly recommend you to have a reserve notebook in place which was tested to work with internet, zoom and whatever you will need or want in order to do the exam. Just in case a...

21. mai 2021 15:49

Alexander stepped in and recorded lecture4, it is available under Timeplan. Exercises are also available, and we keep the schedule of going through exercises on wednesday, and lecturing backpropagation wednesday Feb.10

5. feb. 2021 13:50

Today we can congratulate Andreas with a new daughter, born this night!

Due to this, we need to postpone today's lecture. It might be recorded offline (by someone else), or postponed one week.

You will get more information as soon as we have decided!


3. feb. 2021 10:05