Semesterside for IN5480 - Høst 2018

Today, we will have a brief summary of the course and do preparations for the exam.

We will also have a brief evaluation of the course.

We will end 15:00 latest.



19. nov. 2018 09:30

For each group:  15 minutes presentation of the group work + 10 minutes discussion/comments/questions. &nbsp...

12. nov. 2018 09:10


You are welcome to shut up and write from 14:15 today (then you are on your own; no lecturer present from 14:15-15.15:15)

I will come at 15:15, and present the schedule for the exam.   We can also discuss the individual reports, the last feedback session - and whatever questions you have;)

Good day


12. nov. 2018 09:03