Publisert 19. nov. 2018 09:30

Today, we will have a brief summary of the course and do preparations for the exam.

We will also have a brief evaluation of the course.

We will end 15:00 latest.



Publisert 12. nov. 2018 09:10

For each group:  15 minutes presentation of the group work + 10 minutes discussion/comments/questions. &nbsp...

Publisert 12. nov. 2018 09:03


You are welcome to shut up and write from 14:15 today (then you are on your own; no lecturer present from 14:15-15.15:15)

I will come at 15:15, and present the schedule for the exam.   We can also discuss the individual reports, the last feedback session - and whatever questions you have;)

Good day


Publisert 30. okt. 2018 09:03

Human-machine partnership task – to be included in
Appendix 4: Report on human-machine partnership task (one page)

A company introduces an intelligent agent (robot) that will take care of recruitment and hiring new employees. Describe the functionality that such agent should have. Which task could it perform? When doing this consider not only current technology but also technology that will come in relatively near future (5-10 years).  Then write two scenarios where this agent have two different automation levels. In the first scenario the agent will have a level of automation 6 or 7. In the second scenario the agent will have a level of automation between 8, 9 or 10. Describe which tasks the agent perform and which tasks should humans perform. What are the advantages and disadvantages related to this task distribution? What are the possible problems that might occur? How to overcome them?

Publisert 23. okt. 2018 12:42

Dear all,

Yesterday we discussed dates for the group presentations, and we settled on:

Friday 23 November 0900-1230

Monday 26 November 0900-1230

We will get back with detailed information about where, exact times and format.

You are invited to present for 15 minutes, followed by questions and comments for 10 minutes.

If there are some of the groups that are prevented on one of these days, please send me a mail and we can sort out the schedule.

You are encouraged to attend at least one other presentation than your own.




Publisert 19. okt. 2018 13:05

12 midterm reports and 33 individual assignments were handed in after module 2.   On time.  An in the right folder (place).


Good autumn weekend


Publisert 17. okt. 2018 15:25

Find a video which illustrates well some of the problems that might appear when we interact with AI, an "AI/robot goes crazy" example. We'll show and discuss some of these videos during the lecture on Monday 22 October, so it would be nice if you can find your favourite example before then, but no worries if you cannot make it


Publisert 16. okt. 2018 09:38

Note:  It is important that you use the same file name for the deliveries (version stepped up with module2/3 at the end for example).  The reason for this is that a list is sorted alphabetically in this system with all the deliveries, and you will use the order in this list to select which delivery to give feedback to. For the first delivery; you went "one down" on the list.  For the second delivery, you go "two down" on the list, and for the third; you go "three down" on the list.  This for both the individual deliveries and group deliveries.

Publisert 12. okt. 2018 13:42

For those groups that have attempted, but not managed to do the installation and experimentation for the machine learning exercise; you do not need to worry.  

Monday, we will go through the groups that have managed to experiment with this.  The groups that have not managed will then be assisted to do the exercise.

We are aware of the complexity of getting this setup right, with the many different versions of software/os around.  

Good weekend


Publisert 10. okt. 2018 10:27


I gamletiden måtte en stille inn verktøyene før en kunne begynne å jobbe med det en "egentlig skal gjøre"; for eksempel slipe høvelbladet og stille inn et høvelen om en skulle snekre en fin benk.  Det samme gjelder for å få sette opp programomgivelser.

Det ser ut til å være problemer med høyere versjoner av python; det virker med python 2.7.

1. Installer python 2.7 eller sjekk om du har det installert. Sjekk i terminalen ved å skrive python --version på mac (usikker på hvordan det er på windows)

2. Installere miniConda2.

Last ned miniConda2 fra denne linken:

Publisert 9. okt. 2018 10:30

The slides for the lecture yesterday is posted.

The assignment is on slide 58, and repeated here:

1. Download and install Python (
2. Download and Keras (
3. Run the Script:
4. Make your own model. Suggestions
• Change the layers (more, fewer, dropout, ...)
• Change the input text

You find the files at here

Publisert 8. okt. 2018 18:49

The lecture notes from today will be posted Tuesday.

The week assignment is to be done in the groups.


Publisert 2. okt. 2018 07:10

Big thank you to all groups for the work you have put into the chatbot prototypes. Good work! All groups have successfully completed this week-assignment. You will also summarize this week-assignment in the mid-term report as Appendix 1. In this Appendix 1, you will briefly describe the purpose of the prototype, how you designed and implemented the prototype and your reflections on the process (about 1 page of text and 2-4 screenshots).

If relevant, the groups may also consider to use the prototype as part of their main group work. If so, you can, for example, refine and expand on the prototype or gather user feedback in response to the prototype - depending on the nature of your research question.  It is also encouraged to iterate on your research question so that it reflects what you are investigating.

As you likely have spent somewhat more time on the prototype assignment than what was foreseen, we make a sma...

Publisert 24. sep. 2018 17:52

Group assignment - chatbot (deadline: September 30)

Each group is to prototype a chatbot for a self-decided purpose. Default implementation platform: Chatfuel ( (A group may choose other implementation platforms if desired, for example Google's Dialogflow if you want vastly more flexibility and more challenge.)


  • Decide on chatbot purpose. What is the chatbot for?
  • Identify key tasks. What should the chatbot be able to do to fulfill (parts) of the purpose?
  • Design flows, intents and actions. Write out the dialogues you want to support. Enable them through intents and actions (AI-rules and Blocks in Chatfuel), or link actions and intents in script-like sequences (e.g. by the use of blocks with quick-replies in chatfuel)
  • Test chatbot yourself and with group me...
Publisert 21. sep. 2018 10:24

33 individual assignments were handed in in the first iteration.  There are 12 wonder documents also handed in.

I have enjoyed some hours this morning with the deliverables.  There are indeed many very fine and interesting deliveries here!!!  Both the group reports - and individual reports. 

Congratulations, very well done.  I am impressed that all managed to deliver on time!!  And very impressed by all the wonder(ful) questions that you articulate.

Now the process of sending and receiving feedback starts.  The hope for this process is that you will engage - and learn from each other.

Good Friday - and good weekend


Publisert 18. sep. 2018 15:52

Kick off for starting the feedback process is Friday 21st September at 13:15.

The reason for setting this start time is to make sure that the lists are in good shape, both for the individual assignments, and the wonder documents.

In order to make sure that all groups will both send and receive a review, and that all the individual assignments will send and receive a review - select the "next" on the list for giving a review.  If your document is the last, select the first.

Make sure that the lists you select from are sorted A-Z (i have tried to set this as default - but you never know what all browsers do).

You can send the feedback on e-mail to the group/individual assignment that you reveiw.  You may expand/scale the "two stars and a wish" method, but then make sure it is "N*two starts and N*a wish"; where N is 2, 3, 4...

For the next iteration, after module 2 - we will use the same process, but then select the "project two down"...

Publisert 18. sep. 2018 15:23

To upload your group assignment, go to:

Deliverables, Group Assignment, Wonder-Documents

You find the "log in/administration" button at the right bottom corner...

To upload your individual assignment, go to:

Deliverables, Individual Assignment, First-iteration

Note:  Make sure you have a unique file name, for example by including project name or your name in the file name.

If you get any problems with uploading your documents, send me an e-mail.





Publisert 18. sep. 2018 15:15

Thanks for the writing workshop Monday.  Next time I´ll bring biscuits and something to drink;)

Keywords:  shut-up-and-write, time-boxing, Pomodoro.


Publisert 12. sep. 2018 16:25

Writing workshop!!  We will work with the wonder documents - and individual assignments.  Bring your writing equipment - and your brilliant ideas and questions;)


Publisert 27. aug. 2018 19:28


The lecture notes - and information about the individual and group assignments are placed under "timeplan".


Publisert 17. aug. 2018 09:06

The pilot course "Interaction with AI" will start Monday 27 August.

A mini-assignment for the first session is to reflect on the question:

"What do we talk about when we talk about interaction with AI?"

Asbjørn, Amela and Jo