Feedback - some words about the process

Kick off for starting the feedback process is Friday 21st September at 13:15.

The reason for setting this start time is to make sure that the lists are in good shape, both for the individual assignments, and the wonder documents.

In order to make sure that all groups will both send and receive a review, and that all the individual assignments will send and receive a review - select the "next" on the list for giving a review.  If your document is the last, select the first.

Make sure that the lists you select from are sorted A-Z (i have tried to set this as default - but you never know what all browsers do).

You can send the feedback on e-mail to the group/individual assignment that you reveiw.  You may expand/scale the "two stars and a wish" method, but then make sure it is "N*two starts and N*a wish"; where N is 2, 3, 4...

For the next iteration, after module 2 - we will use the same process, but then select the "project two down" on the list;)  By doing this, you will be able to read and learn from different projects and individual assignments.  And for the last iteration; you will select "three down the list."

Good reading and reviewing


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