Human-machine partnership task for Appendix 4

Human-machine partnership task – to be included in
Appendix 4: Report on human-machine partnership task (one page)

A company introduces an intelligent agent (robot) that will take care of recruitment and hiring new employees. Describe the functionality that such agent should have. Which task could it perform? When doing this consider not only current technology but also technology that will come in relatively near future (5-10 years).  Then write two scenarios where this agent have two different automation levels. In the first scenario the agent will have a level of automation 6 or 7. In the second scenario the agent will have a level of automation between 8, 9 or 10. Describe which tasks the agent perform and which tasks should humans perform. What are the advantages and disadvantages related to this task distribution? What are the possible problems that might occur? How to overcome them?

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