Module 2 - week assignment for the groups

Group assignment – chatbot (deadline: September 30)

Each group is to prototype a chatbot for a self-decided purpose. Default implementation platform: Chatfuel ( (A group may choose other implementation platforms if desired, for example Google's Dialogflow if you want vastly more flexibility and more challenge.)


  • Decide on chatbot purpose. What is the chatbot for?
  • Identify key tasks. What should the chatbot be able to do to fulfill (parts) of the purpose?
  • Design flows, intents and actions. Write out the dialogues you want to support. Enable them through intents and actions (AI-rules and Blocks in Chatfuel), or link actions and intents in script-like sequences (e.g. by the use of blocks with quick-replies in chatfuel)
  • Test chatbot yourself and with group members. Iterate until happy.
  • Make 1 minute video showing interaction with the chatbot
  • In case you get stuck, email Asbjørn (, a small number of tips also at the last slide of the presentation.


  • Upload video to this folder
  • Report on prototyping work in the groups mid-term report Annex A.

Keep it simple and early-phase (4-8 hours work for each group?)

Asbjørn and Jo

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