Semesterside for IN5480 - Høst 2019

Dear all,

Group presentation Thursday 21/11 from 12:15-14:00...
15. nov. 2019 11:25

Thank you for your submitted mid-term group and individual reports. Great that you were able to do this in time. Some of the reports are of high quality, others need to make a substantial effort during the last iteration. Please remember to give each other feedback in the peer review (deadline November 1). Asbjørn will also provide feedback on all group reports by email to the group members.

31. okt. 2019 11:44

Tomorrow - please pop in if you have questions about what, how etc of the delivery after module 2 of the course (we know that many of you are working with the ethics course - and possibly at the "transformative repair" exhibition in the library preparing). 

Here are some clarifications about the deliveries - this Friday.

- You use the same documents - just update them (and store with a new version)

- Max number of pages for module 2 is also six pages, so in total 12 with both module 1 and two.  If you have more - use the option of enclosing an appendix.

- You are asked to answer all the three themes from Module 2

- Remember to write about the feedback you received after module 1; what you have done (or chosen to not do) with the feedback.

Happy writing

Asbjørn and Jo

22. okt. 2019 16:36