Semester page for IN5600 - Spring 2020

Dear Students,

In the section called "questions" you can find several files each one containing a set of questions regarding the topics addressed in the course IN5600/PUT.

As you probably notice, the files include the topics that were discussed so far. The remaining topics (cybeforaging and replication) will be made available as soon as the corresponding issues are addressed in the lectures.

In the oral exam, the questions that will be asked will be strongly related to those in the files above (randomly chosen).

Obviously, if you have any question that you may want to discuss, please send me an email or try to find me on a conf. call, even during some class. Naturally, before  doing that, I suggest you study the issues addressed in the lectures (e.g., by 
reading the corresponding slides).

Best regards.


Apr. 7, 2020 7:09 PM

Dear Students,

The oral exam for PUT/IN5600, is on Tuesday, 19 May, from 13h to 18h30 as follows:

- group 1: 13h    - 13h30
- group 2: 13h30 - 14h
- group 3: 14h      - 14h30
- group 4: 14h30  -  15h
- group 5: 15h      - 15h30

break: 15h30 - 16h

- group 6: 16h      - 16h30
- group 7: 16h30  -  17h
- group 8: 17h      - 17h30
- group 9: 17h30  - 18h
- group 10: 18h    - 18h30

In addition, according to the UiO directives, regarding the evaluation:

- the project will be evaluated as a pass/fail

- the exam will be evaluated as a pass/fail

So, the final classification will be obviously pass/fail also.

Stay safe.

Apr. 3, 2020 9:38 AM

Dear Students,

Please see the mail I have sent you. In that email I basically say that:

- a new version of the detailed plan is already available (v14).

-  there are no classes on the week of 16th March to 20th March; thus, the next class will be on the 23 of March.

Best regards.



Mar. 16, 2020 12:33 PM