Semesterside for INF2440 - Vår 2018

Grades from the INF2440 Spring 2018 exam have now been given.

They should show up in the UiO system later today.

I cannot post the grades here, but I can say:


Thanks to all for your efforts to work hard in this course - without hard work, no one passes this class and IF you are able to do the obligs, well, I guess it is no surprise that the lowest grade is a "D".

It has been fun teaching you :)

Good luck with your further education.

Sincerely, Eric

29. juni 2018 11:45

1. I have put a PDF with all slides onto the course web - this PDF will be available from the front page of the exam.

2. There will not be anything on the exam concerning Delaunay.



8. juni 2018 13:14

Dette emnet bruker digital håndtegning. Les om UiOs digitale håndtegningssystem før eksamen. 

7. juni 2018 09:53

Click Old Exams to get access to old exams.



6. juni 2018 13:51

The next lecture is May 23rd, 2018, usual time (14:15) and place (Smalltalk).

There will be an exam prep session on Wednesday June 6th, 2018 at 14:15 in Smalltalk.



12. mai 2018 13:23

REMINDER: Oblig 5 deadline Wednesday May 16th, NOON.


12. mai 2018 13:21

Oblig 5 is now open for deliveries. Remember the deadline 16. mai kl. 12.00 !

7. mai 2018 16:13

The PDF of Oblig 5 has been uploaded as well as the report recommendations and a couple of pieces of Java code. is also coming soon...



25. apr. 2018 15:12

Oblig 4 kan nå leveres i Devilry3

19. apr. 2018 12:59