Semesterside for INF2820 - Vår 2008

Grading of the final exam is complete (Herman Ruge Jervell served as the second reviewer). Results might be visible already, or should show up in the next few days. In total, everyone who had qualified for the exam succeeded (there were two As, five Bs, four Cs and Ds each, and one E). Godsommer!

27. juni 2008 23:14

The previous post about how obligatory assignments are registered in the central university system left some room for confusion; i am sorry about that! The minimum requirement of 200 points from the four assignments is unchanged, and only those who accumulated at least as many points qualify for the exam. But the central registration of obligatory assignments only allows a binary distinction (pass or fail) per assignment, hence we had to map the actual results into this scheme, and just looking at the central registry, the 200-point requirement is no longer visible (but still valid). For those who want to re-use partial credit on assignments in the future, the actual results are recorded internally. So, someone taking this class a year from now could opt to have the exact number of points credited, per assignment, for those assignments that they actually delivered.

9. juni 2008 15:25

The results of obligatory assignments have been registered with the university administration; in total, 16 (of 19 who started the class) qualified for the exam, including everyone who submitted for the last assignment. Mapping our point system into four binary decisions in the official system was a bit tricky: any submission that scored more than 50 points is registered as successful, and in total anyone who had at least two successful submissions can take the exam. Numerically, this makes the requirements look a little easier than what we actually asked (a minimum of 200 points in total), and should anyone take the class in the future, wanting to re-use credit from earlier submissions, they would be credited the actual number of points that they scored (so, historically, there would be justice). André will email individual feedback later today, and I am about to post the model solution and slides copies from the MT lecture, even though I did not get to complete the slide s...

30. mai 2008 12:49