Dette emnet er erstattet av IN3240 – Testing av programvare.

Semesterside for INF3121 - Vår 2015

Good morning,

Since a lot of students have signaled the same issue, it's best to publish this information on our course website: it seems that the admin staff organizing the exam have not updated StudentWeb with the exact location for each of you. 

The update will happen during the day today. I will follow-up this closely. Both me and Prof. Sjoberg are pressing the faculty admin to do this as quickly as possible, but unfortunately neither of us has control or rights to post on StudentWeb.

Thank you for letting us know about the issue, I apologize on the behalf of the admin, and I wish things would not have been left to be organized on the last day.


Raluca Florea.

9. juni 2015 09:59

The final exam on the 10th of June will be 4h long and closed-book.

I have sent by email the explanation for the structure of exam and more detailed information about the style of the questions and the grading rules.

Best of luck in your preparations!

26. mai 2015 19:02

New deadline: Wednesday, 20. 05. 2015, 23:59.

Clarification: For the project 2 assignment: you will have to test the Preferences menu, not only the link or the first tab.

This means testing:

- user profile

- appearance

- editing

- recent changes

- watch-lists

- gadgets

- notifications

- beta features.

Hints: for the manual tests, you can collapse many checks in the same test. It's not necessary to write a separate test for each radio button. But it is necessary to test the functionality, both positive and negative (not only if a check or a tick works).

For automated tests: some functionality will be very expensive to automate: hard to implement automated test, too expensive time-wise, automated test not having sense. All this is accepted as valid explanation why part or the entire test was not automated.

8. mai 2015 16:44