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Welcome to the web pages for the INF3151 groups, autumn 2011. This will be the primary channel for getting information from the TA (gruppelærar) to the students.

You are welcome to attend either group, regardless of which group you belong to. It is also possible for teams to belong to different groups.

This course has some precode, and it is important to have a firm grasp on that code. I will therefore do a discussion of the precode shortly after each project has been made available. I will give notice here on this page, and when possible at the lectures. So please check this page regularly for important information.

If you have questions or suggestions please contact your TA in person or by email.

TAs this year are:

Olga Bondarenko, email:

Kristoffer Robin Stokke, email:

Please include INF3151 or INF4151 in the subject of the email.


Bochs and some other tools are located in /hom/inf3151/tools/

If you add /hom/inf3151/tools/bin to your PATH you will be able to run bochs in the terminal. This bin-path should be added to the end of the PATH.

A working configuration file is located in: /hom/inf3151/tools/bochs/bochsrc.txt

If you copy this configuration file to your home directory as .bochsrc, bochs will use it as default (and then you do not need to have it in the directory where your image file is located).

Bochs command names:

bochs   - just normal bochs, nothing extra. Config file: You need to disable magic_break and gdbstub enabled=0.

bochsi   - bochs with internal debugger. Config file: Make sure magic_break is enabled.

bochsd  - bochs with gdb support. Config file: Set gdbstub enabled=1.

All these settings are provided in the sample config file, so just search for the different keywords and you will see the precise details.


To debug using qemu and gdb, put something like:

file kernel

target remote | exec qemu -gdb stdio -no-fd-bootchk -fda image

in a file called .gdbinit in the directory where you have your implementation. From now, each time you run gdb, qemu will start, and break at the first intstruction.



Teaching plan

Week Summary Resources

From source code to running program.

A subset of the ELF-header.

Help people get into teams.







The PC-architecture. Intel 32-bit Architecture.

Real mode and real mode memory.

Hello, World! and cpuid in assembly language.



3   time3.pdf
4   time4.pdf
P4 TA's introduction to P4 /studier/emner/matnat/ifi/INF3151/h11/fellesgruppe/resources/P4%20Presentation.ppt
P5 TA's introduction to P5 /studier/emner/matnat/ifi/INF3151/h11/fellesgruppe/resources/INF3151_P5.pdf


TA's - Tips & tricks

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