Dette emnet er erstattet av IN3000 – Operativsystemer.

Semesterside for INF3151 - Vår 2015

Remember that P6 is presented Thursday 21. Mai at 16:00.

19. mai 2015 11:49

Remember P5 is presented at 16:00 today, not 14:15.

23. apr. 2015 11:40

P4 will be presented at 16 o'clock today. We apologize for the misleading time in the timeplan.

26. mars 2015 14:40

As some of you have noticed, P4 comes with pre-compiled image (4_pre/given/image) that you can use to see how the solution should look. However, this image currently does not show the complete solution - it lacks a shell. To see how a fully working solution should look, use the image "/hom/inf3151/prosjekter/P4/working-image" instead.

25. mars 2015 16:30

From 11. 2. 2015 the wednesday group teaching class will be from 10 to 12!

10. feb. 2015 14:08

Normally, you have to specify the candidate numbers of both students on the front page of the project deliveries. However, since the candidate numbers are not available this early in the semester, you must instead specify the usernames of both students on the front page. Candidate numbers should be available in StudentWeb before the P2B deadline, and you should use these numbers for P2B and later deliveries.

3. feb. 2015 17:15

P1 will be presented at 14:15 this Thursday, not 16:00 as earlier announced.

27. jan. 2015 12:00

Those of you who can not find a partner to work with can show up in the group lecture on Monday, 26. jan at 10 o'clock, and the TAs will help you find a partner.

23. jan. 2015 16:00

The technical FAQ for P0 is now accessible if you follow the links Project-assignements-and-group-teaching -> Projects Assignments on this course page. FAQs for future projects will be made available in the same place when the respective projects begin.

22. jan. 2015 15:22