Dette emnet er erstattet av IN3000 – Operativsystemer.

Semesterside for INF3151 - Vår 2017

Please deliver your P6b results in devilry to P6b-Groups. The P6b was misconfigured.


Good luck with your final effort!!

24. mai 2017 18:55

We published on Tuesday not the most recent version of the P4 code, but it is now updated. The newest version of the  P4 code (and P5 and P6) solves most problems we experienced with USB 2.0 previously. However, we have still a problem with USB which we could not solve, as it is a problem with the BIOS/hardware. The same problem is in linux. The newest P4 may not boot occasionally on real hardware, but that after a couple of reboots it should work. 

24. mars 2017 15:15

We missed to change the deadlines for P4 in 4.html. The deadlines are as in the timetable for this term:

P4a: 28. 3. 2017 at 12:00

P4b: 18. 4. 2017 at 12:00

21. mars 2017 13:32

Since Tore has discussed quite a lot of memory management issues in his lecture we merge the Tuesday and Wednesday lecture.

-> no lecture on Wednesday 8th

-> Project presentation of P3 at 16:00 on Wednesday 8th

6. mars 2017 12:25

Due to unexpected health issues there is a slight delay in publishing P2. Work is in progress to publish it soon.

14. feb. 2017 16:16

The administrative FAQ describes in detail how to deliver your assignments and can be found under the "project assignments and group teaching" tab or here directly.

Please follow exactly these guidelines!

30. jan. 2017 13:55

Please deliver your signed copy to your TA (or to Ifis expedition in the 4th floor)

25. jan. 2017 13:04

The deadline below for team information is a wrong date, we need it already by latest Friday 27th at 12:00 to enable you to deliver P1a with devilry by Tuesday 31st.

25. jan. 2017 12:02

We need to create in devilry and teams (2 students each). Please report by email names and usernames of the team members to Thomas Plagemann.

If we do not have this information by Wednesday February 1st at 12:00 we assign teams randomly.

To register you as a collaborator to a repository you need to be member of You become this by simply logging in to Please make sure you have done this when you inform us about your team.

20. jan. 2017 11:47

Please just follow the instructions and copy the directory with P0 into one of your directories!

18. jan. 2017 11:09