Dette emnet er erstattet av IN3000 – Operativsystemer.

Semesterside for INF3151 - Vår 2016

About half of you have received your result for P5B in Devilry. The remaining students will get their result some time before tomorrow at 12:00.

31. mai 2016 16:20

I made som very minor changes to the P5 slides before I presented it yesterday. I only changed a couple of words for clarification, i.e., nothing very important content-wise. The updated slides are available shortly as "P5-updated.pdf" in the project folder.

22. apr. 2016 11:42

We start the lecture on Thursday April 14th one hour later than usual.

13. apr. 2016 14:56

The article in Communications of the ACM can be found at:

and the video  to it at

6. apr. 2016 14:20

P4 has been made available, and will be presened Thursday 31. March at 16:15, even if there is no regular lecture this day.

30. mars 2016 13:05

The sentence "Modify yield(), lock_acquire(), lock_release(), etc. to deal with preemptive scheduling" in the P3 intro slides is misleading. You are NOT required to modify yield() in P3, as it is allready modified for you. This is why scheduler.c is not in bold in the project description, i.e., it is not among the files you are required to modify. You are however required to make sure it works properly with your implementation.

10. mars 2016 18:15

both lectures this week from Tore Larsen have to be canceled due to illness,

the lectures will be given on April 6 and 7, 2016 instead

29. feb. 2016 18:41

We are working on to find out what the reason for these potential problem is and of course to solve it. In the meantime a work around used successful by some is to use another machine (e.g. your private laptop etc.) to write the bootblock etc on the stick and than put it into a PC in Modula to test your code.

11. feb. 2016 10:13