Semesterside for INF3151 - Vår 2018

21. mars 2018 11:01

Next week (uke 11) there is only OS lecture on Wednesday:  14.3.2018 Security, Knut Omang. In two weeks (uke 12) there is only OS lecture on Tuesday: 20.3.2018 File Systems, Vera Goebel, and Wednesday 21.3.2018 is only the presentation of P4

7. mars 2018 15:11

Please do not forget to fill and sign the declaration for INF3151/4151 and deliver to to study administration  Only those that those that have delivered it will get access to future projects.

For convenience, please find here the form.

7. feb. 2018 13:59
  • Information on P1 can be found in /hom/inf3151/prosjekter/P1
23. jan. 2018 13:53

The administrative FAQ describes in detail how to deliver your assignments and can be found under the "project assignments and group teaching" tab or here directly.

Please follow exactly these guidelines!

23. jan. 2018 13:51

All development must be done in the UiO GitH in which we create for each team (2 persons) a repository and the solutions need must be delivered through Devilry with two persons in one team. 

Therefore, we need to know who is teaming up with whom - many have informed us, but by far not all. On Tuesday we use the break for teaming up those that have not yet a partner.

Those that do not inform us about their partner by Thursday 25th will be teamed up by us.

22. jan. 2018 16:25

If you experience problems to access "P0 old" please use /hom/inf3151/prosjekter/P0 which he have also updated and should work

19. jan. 2018 18:39

Due to a data migration on Ifi's systems we could not update P0 yesterday. However, a working version should be now at  /hom/inf3151/prosjekter/old/P0.

19. jan. 2018 11:16

There are some issues with the P0 version we published on Tuesday .... we are replacing it now with another P0 version that works. 

18. jan. 2018 15:17
  • Information on P0 can be found in /hom/inf3151/prosjekter/P0
  • Use cp /hom/inf3151/prosjekter/P0/* ./destination_folder to copy the contents to your folder of choice.
  • Copy the data into your destination folder, because you cannot read it through the given path!
18. jan. 2018 12:02