Semesterside for INF3151 - Vår 2019

Presentation of P5 will be held at Lille Aud. today at 14:00.

2. mai 2019 09:19

Now the module machines should work normally - systems administration did us a great favour and fixed the problem which was caused by a switch.

1. mai 2019 20:16

Systems administration is taking a look at it and tries to fix the problem ..... status updates will posted here as we get new information

1. mai 2019 19:26

We have notified drift (system admin), but do not know when the problem will be solved.

1. mai 2019 15:19

P5 will be released after the deadline of P4 which is Thursday May 2nd due to the public holiday on Wednesday.

29. apr. 2019 14:02

The presentation of P4 will be held today (4. April) at 14:00 at Lille Aud.

4. apr. 2019 13:36

The deadline for P6B is June 12th ... even if this is not listed in the time schedule

14. mars 2019 11:54

All deliveries that contribute to the final grade, i.e., P2b, P3b, P4b, and P5 should be delivered with the candidate number and not the name.

All other deliveries should reveal the identity

5. mars 2019 14:08

One of the teaching assistants (TAs) reports that writing to USB on the two machines “aarlinkord" and “baral” at Modula is not working at the moment. We are in contact with Ifi drift on this issue.

Please report to TAs if you face difficulties on other machines at Modula as well..

19. feb. 2019 14:50