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Some background information on the grading decision

There are many students that are rather engaged on not perfectly happy with the change of grading. We agree to a large extent to the arguments we received in several e-mails. However, there are a few important things to know:
These grading decisions  are the responsibility of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MatNat) and the case of INF3151/4151 has been discussed with the Head of Teaching Affairs at the Department of Informatics (Ifi) and the Vice Dean of MatNat (responsible for teaching).
MatNat must make decisions that (1) are consistent for the entire Faculty and (2) do not only consider the context of students that impacts their ability to fulfil their studies successfully from the last weeks, but also for the next future weeks. As such the decision is to protect the “weakest” in this Covid-19 situation well knowing that there are some drawbacks for the stronger ones (resp. those that are only affected to a minor part). There is a blogg from the MatNat Dean and Vice-Dean which explains this (to a certain extent):
All courses (at lest at Ifi) that have written examination of any kind, including home examinations are treated equally and will be graded this term with passed / not passed.
We asked for permission to give at least our feedback on P3-b, P4-b, and P5-b on the scale of A - F. However, MatNat is not sure about the positive and negative effects and we cannot expect a decision before Easter.
The question has been raised whether those that want to have a good grade instead of “passed” can retake the course next year. This will be investigated by the study administration now.
In summary, yes we all would appreciate if we could proceed “as normal”, but we cannot not and the main reason is to accept minor disadvantages in order to protect the weakest in this situation - decided by MatNat faculty.
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Publisert 3. apr. 2020 13:35 - Sist endret 3. apr. 2020 14:18