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A) We have noticed that …

A) We have noticed that some of you have ambiguity about the HE2 implementation and its dependency with HE1. Some of you might have not been able to implement the functionalities requested in HE1 and might be afraid that would affect your HE2 design. As we explained in my presentation of HE2, the exam correctors will not check for or grade the HE1 functionalities in their corrections and HE1 is assumed to act as a platform for implementing the Reliable-UDP at the transport layer.

B) Therefore, we have decided to announce that it would be OK to build the HE2 on the top of "mandatory assignment" instead which you may find much simpler than HE1. You can choose whether you are interested to test your Reliable-UDP protocol on either any of these two platforms (mandatory assignment OR home exam 1). In both cases, please remember to include sufficient documentation in your delivery explaining your methodology.

C) You can find a basic source-code of mandatory assignment's implementation in the course web page. You are allowed to use this source-code and extend it in any way you prefer to implement the HE2.

D) Regarding the bonus points for solving the reliable-UDP protocol's bug, the students who manage to do so successfully will receive 20% extra point for HE2.

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