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Publisert 3. juni 2015 06:46

Summary lecture slide is updated in the course webpage.

Publisert 27. mai 2015 15:21
Publisert 5. mai 2015 19:47

You can submit on Devilry

Publisert 17. apr. 2015 21:29

To know the end of a file, the server needs to know its length (or have some other indication). Since we don't even expect that the file name is transferred, we also assume that the file size is given to the server as a command line argument, to keep things simple.

Publisert 17. apr. 2015 13:55

Home exam 2 is available since 16 April. Today, 17 April, a minor announcement was made to it, to clarify that the file transfer server and client must not communicate with the MIP daemon directly - they must only communicate with the MIPTP daemon.

Publisert 21. mars 2015 10:27

You can submit on Devilry

Publisert 18. mars 2015 15:14

The names for naming hosts in the topology for home exam 1 are irrelevant to the implementation. The exam asks to assign MIP address to each interface, and use the MIP addresses in the routing table and updates.

Publisert 18. mars 2015 11:41

Download mininet VM for Home Exam 1:

Publisert 17. mars 2015 15:21

For compression 7z file in IFI machine locally:

  • Download the source code from to local disk
  • Uncompress the file using bunzip2 and tar (available in IFI machine)
  • Using uname -a command, find the type of kernel --- 32 or 64-bit.
  • cp makefile.linux_(type) makefile.linux
  • make all_test
  • path/bin/7z x mininet-vm-x86_64.qcow2.7z
Publisert 11. mars 2015 15:22

Home Exam 1 asks to *extend* the MIP daemon by incorporating the routing functionality. However, the routing process can be implemented either inside the MIP daemon or outside the daemon. For example, the MIP daemon could communicate with a "routing daemon" using the same interface as it does with any other application, say the ping client or server. Alternatively, the routing process could be built into the MIP daemon itself. Either way, the routing process should not block other processes.

Publisert 6. mars 2015 21:04

1. A VM with X manager is uploaded --- Wireshark, mininet are also available in the VM. Username is mininet, password is mininet, and user mininet has sudo access.

2. A python script is also uploaded along with README file.

Publisert 22. feb. 2015 14:58

You can now submit the oblig in Devilry.

Publisert 3. feb. 2015 14:39

There will be an extra group session on friday 10:15-12:00. See the lecture plan for details.

There will be an introduction to the mandatory assignment and it will also be possible to ask questions about the assignment.