Important information for the final exam


This exam is to be answered digitally. A few specific tasks will, however, be answered with pen and paper. We advise you to look at this instruction video for more information.  

The sheets you will use to answer the pen and paper tasks are specialized sheets. These sheets will be handed out in the examination room. You will hand in the sheets as usual when you are finished with the exam. The sheets will then be scanned by an invigilator and uploaded to your digital exam in Inspera. It is therefore vital that you fill out the sheets correctly. The sheets must be filled out with either a blue or a black pen (please bring your own pen for this). It is not possible to use a pencil or a pen with ink of any other color. For more information, see “Instruction for digital drawing” on your desk in the examination room. You are also advised to read the instruction now.

Remember that you need an active UiO-user to log onto your exam. See to it that you remember your username and password when you arrive at the examination room. Bring ID.

For more information about UiO’s digital exam please read UiO’s user guide to Inspera.

Good luck with your exam!

Best regards,

The MN Faculty

Published May 26, 2017 9:20 AM - Last modified May 29, 2017 2:12 PM