Dette emnet er nedlagt

Semesterside for INF3410 - Høst 2015

Lab 3 has now been extended with 3 more tasks and is complete. Download the latest version here. Maybe more hints and help will be added in the coming days. If that happens it will be announced on the webpage and by mail.

4. nov. 2015 11:49

A preliminary version of Lab 3 is now published. It defines 5 tasks that will be part of the final version, so you can get started on those 5 tasks. It is highly recommended that you do so! The Lab will be extended next week.

28. okt. 2015 16:03

I just uploaded a new version of lab 2 with one small correction: I had written 20uV voltage source at one point where it should say a 20uA current source. So that is now corrected. Please download the file again, if you have already done so!

2. okt. 2015 12:54

Please check the status of lab 1 in Devilry! For a few of you we ask for some improvements with the new deadline being next Wednesday 7-Oct-2015 17:00 before it can be accepted! Make sure that you know if this is required of you!!!

2. okt. 2015 12:10
On Wednesday there is a conflict with inf4300 which some students are also taking. Thus, we will NOT swap paper exercises and lecture: the lectures stay on Fridays.
15. sep. 2015 09:50

regarding previously approved lab 1: Everybody that has had lab 1 approved in a previous year, you will have to let me know before Friday! Thus, I can verify your claim and let you know immediately, if there is a problem.

So please send me your name and the year in which you have passed lab 1!

10. sep. 2015 11:20

(sorry for the previous message in Norwegian, but I assume everybody has been able to understand it. Otherwise, let me know!)

As mentioned in the last lecture I plan to swap the times and location of the paper exercises and the lecture. Thus, if no-one objects per e-mail to me before the next lecture on Friday 11-Sep-2015, this will be the last lecture on Fridays. Thus, the first lecture on Wednesdays will be on the 16-Sep-2015. (I will have to leave 11:30 that first time, so I suggest we skip the break and the lecture will be from 10:15-11:30).

9. sep. 2015 15:09

Noen av dere har spurt meg om de som allerede har gjennomført lab 1 og har fått det godkjent må gjøre det om igjen. Siden den er bare bestått, ikke bestått og bare littegrann forskjellig fra i fjor, vil jeg da tillate at de som allerede har bestått det kan slippe å gjøre det om igjen.

Lab 2 og 3 derimot, må alle ta på nytt siden de teller til sluttkarakter!!!

9. sep. 2015 15:03