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Semesterside for INF3410 - Høst 2018

Our extra exercise class would be on Friday (16.11.2018) from 15 to 17 and it would be held at Seminarrom Perl.


15. nov. 2018 15:35

Dear students of INF4411 (only those registered under INF4411, NOT INF3410!),

as you take the master level variant of the course INF3410, you'll be required to read an extra chapter. As in the years before this is chapter 3 this year too. There will be 1-2 extra tasks from this chapter in the exam for the MSc-variant of the course. Check previous exams to get an idea of the type of questions you will be likely to face.


2. nov. 2018 11:21

I will not be in Oslo on 31 October. Let's this week,17 October, decide on how to compensate the missed session.


14. okt. 2018 14:19

Henrik reported that there are some issues when trying to operate the Opamps as inverting amplifiers with small resistors, i.e. smaller than 200 Ohm and according to the specification in the task that would require 100mA when the input is at 10V. If you see this happen please try the following: reduce the input swing from +/-10V to +/- 3V (but leave the power supply at +/-10V!) and dimension the resistors still for a gain of -1 but for a current at 10V input of 10mA or lower if necessary. See if that helps and be aware of the impact on your transresistance amplifier in task 2 this might have.

Also the text does not specify what supply you should use for the MC14007 chip: please use 0V and 10V and swing the inputs (Vgs and Vds) from 0V to 10V, or maybe just from 0V to 3V if you have reason to suspect that the output from your transresistance amplifier becomes unreliable/wrong for too high currents. But try to adapt the resistor in the transresistance amplifier to get go...

28. sep. 2018 16:39 is ready for lab1 report submissions. It is also configured to allow students to form their own groups. I believe that you can issue invitations for others to join a group and they have to accept.

IMPORTANT: when you submit your report, please also indicate your prefered lab time-slot as either Mondays 9:00-11:00 or Wednesdays 14:00-16:00. Please also indicate in case that both options would be OK for you! As long as we have enough space you'll be assigned your first choice.



19. sep. 2018 12:01

I have just uploaded an updated version of lab 1. Please update your copies in case you have downloaded already!

I also put the datasheet of the opamp into the 'materiale' directory.


5. sep. 2018 11:52

we noticed a problem in task 1 as we are not after a V/I curve but a V/V curve: the 2-wire V/I analyzer won't work for that. So we'll have to do it using the function genrator providing a triangular wave or saw-tooth wave and observing both input and output to the opamp with the oscilloscope. You'll also need to use a resistive divider to make the function generator have good resolution...

I'll write an update of the Lab 1 task 1 later today, being more specific, but you may also ask Henrik in the lab today.

5. sep. 2018 09:28

Remember the paper exercises will start tomorrow 12:15-14:00 in seminar room Java. Always check the schedule before the class! There we'll list the exercises in the book we want you to solve in class.

4. sep. 2018 10:41