Dette emnet er erstattet av IN3140 – Introduksjon til robotikk.

Semesterside for INF3480 - Vår 2016

Læreboka er eneste trykte hjelpemiddel det er lov å ha med til eksamen. Boka kan ikke brukes som hjelpemiddel hvis det er gjort notater i den. (Understekninger, markeringer, rettinger og små kommentarer til teksten unntatt).


Just the Main course book without own notes written that can be brought to the exam. Only underlining of sentences,  corrections of errors and small comments are allowed. The book can be checked during the exam.

12. juni 2016 15:24

We have received some questions regarding the course book for the exam.

You are allowed to bring just a course book as extra material to an exam and we will accept both, hardcover copy from a bookstore as well as printed PDF. But before and during exam, books (especially PDF printer ones) will be checked to make sure it's just purely a book and no extra pages or material was added.

Also, you are allowed to have underlined and highlighted material in the book, but writing additional information into the book is not allowed.

Good luck in the exam!

10. juni 2016 16:45

Syllabus for both Bachelor (INF3480) and Master (INF4380) courses is the following:

  • All the lecture notes listed in the timeplan. Both from the main courses and guest lecturers
  • The following course book chapters, which were mentioned in the lectures:
    • Chapter 1 - Introduction
    • Chapter 2 - Rigid Motions and Homogeneous Transformations
    • Chapter 3 - Forward and Inverse Kinematics
    • Chapter 4 - Velocity Kinematics - The Jacobian
    • Chapter 6 - Independent Joint Control
    • Chapter 7 - Dynamics


9. juni 2016 10:24