Syllabus/achievement requirements


  1. The lecture notes (you can find them in the Schedule where they are being added right before or after each lecture)
  2. A.E. Eiben and J.E. Smith: Introduction to Evolutionary Computing, Second Edition (ISBN 978-3-662-44873-1, available online here when on the UiO network) Springer. (much overlap with the old version: 2nd printing, 2007, see INF3430/2015 for chapter numbers).  
    • ​​Chapters being syllabus is specified in the Schedule.
  3.  S. Marsland: Machine learning: An Algorithmic Perspective. SECOND EDITION (2015), ISBN: 978-1-4665-8328-3, available online here when on the UiO network (ethernet machine or by logging in through https://vpn.uio.noBUT only for TWO concurrent users  
    • ​​Chapters being syllabus is specified in the Schedule.
  4. On-line papers (available for download when on the UiO network)
    • Deep learning. Nature vol 521, pages 436–444, (28 May 2015) 
    • Only slides are syllabus for swarm intelligence and fuzzy logic
  5. On-line document (English translated excerpt from Chapter 6 in the book hva er KUNSTIG INTELLIGENS):

Supporting literature (not syllabus, in Norwegian)

Jim Tørresen: hva er KUNSTIG INTELLIGENS, 2013, Universitetsforlaget, ISBN: 9788215020211

Obligatory Mid-Term Exercises (each exercise is PASS/FAIL):

  1. Two exercises on evolutionary algorithm and machine learning.
  2. Students registered for INF4490 will be given additional excercises within area of the course.


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