Syllabus/achievement requirements

Gregory R. Andrews: Foundations of Multithreaded, Parallel, and Distributed Programming, Addison-Wesley, 2000. ISBN: 0-201-35752-6.

Remark: The author maintains a list of misprints in the book. It may be found here .

All English slides from the lectures.

The paper: Intra-Object versus Inter-Object: concurrency and Reasoning in Creol

The Ph.D. students taking the 9000 version of the cource have to read. this journal.

Other material on message passing systems may be added later.

Detailed syllabus, INF4140

From the book by Andrews:

Chap. 1. Syllabus: The whole chapter

Chap. 2. Syllabus: The whole chapter

Chap. 3: Syllabus: 3.1-3.4.

Chap. 4. Syllabus: 4.1-4.5.

Chap. 5. Syllabus: 5.1-5.4.

Chap. 7. Syllabus: 7.1-7.5.

Chap. 8. Syllabus: 8.1-8.4.

Supplementary readings

Douglas Lea: Concurrent Programming in Java: Design Principles and Pattern, 1999. Prentice Hall. ISBN: 978-0201310092.

Jeff Magee & Jeff Kramer: Concurrency - State models & Java programs, 2006. Wiley. ISBN: 0-470-09356-0.

Micharl Huth & Mark Ryan: Logic in Computer Science - modeling and reasoning about systems, Chapter 4.

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