Dette emnet er erstattet av IN5520 – Digital bildeanalyse.


Dato Undervises av Sted Tema Kommentarer / ressurser
24.08.2017 Fritz Albregtsen and Anne S. Solberg OJD2458 Postscript Introduction and preliminaries

Lecture notes


31.08.2017 Fritz Albregtsen OJD2458 Postscript Features from images: Texture (G&W 11.3.3)

Lecture notes


07.09.2017 Fritz Albregtsen OJD2458 Postscript Local to Global, Hough Transform (G&W 10.2)

Lecture notes

Exercise text is at the back of the lecture foils.

Support files for matlab exercises:

Matlab scripts:

Matlab function for Hough transform:

Matlab function for drawing lines

Image of corridor:

Image of coins:

Exercise solution to Random Hough transform:

Matlab support function:


14.09.2017 Fritz Albregtsen OJD2458 Postscript Object representation (G&W 11.1)

Lecture notes 1fpp


Mandatory term project, Part I

21.09.2017 Anne S. Solberg OJD2458 Postscript Object description (G&W 11.2, 11.3)

Lecture notes

Supplementary note on moment features


28.09.2017 Anne S. Solberg OJD2458 Postscript Classification 1

Lecture notes

Chapter on introduction to classification


05.10.2017       No lecture - work on  mandatory exercise
12.10.2017 Anne S. Solberg OJD2458 Postscript Classification 2

Lecture notes


If needed: solution of selected exercises

19.10.2017 Anne S. Solberg OJD2458 Postscript Support vector machine classification

Lecture notes

Reading material:
SVM Ch. 3
SVM Ch. 4
SVM appendix

It is also useful to read this text

Exercise solutions see undervisningsmateriale/week9

Mandatory 2

26.10.2017 Anne S. Solberg OJD2458 Postscript Practical classification guidelines, feature selection and PCA

Lecture notes

Reading material - see undervisningsmateriale/week10


09.11.2017 Fritz Albregtsen OJD2458 Postscript

 Mathematical morphology


Lecture notes


Images pcb.jpg and morf_test.png

And if you need, solution hints

16.11.2017 Fritz Albregtsen OJD2458 Postscript Edge based segmentation

Lecture notes

Additional image: cell image




30.11.2017 Fritz / Anne OJD2458 Postscript Previous exam exercises

Exam 2016

Exam 2015

Exam 2014

Exam 2013

Note that Fisher's linear discriminant from 2016 is not part of the curriculum in 2017.


Solution hints:

Solution 2016

Solution 2015

Solution 2014

Solution 2013


7.12.2017 Fritz / Anne OJD2458 Postscript SUMMARY Summary slides from Fritz

Summary slides from Anne
21.12.2017     December 21st: EXAM, 09:00 - 13:00  


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