Publisert 1. juni 2016 20:47

Date: 10 June

Room: seminarrom CAML and C


Please refer to the link.


Good luck and see you!

Publisert 15. apr. 2016 22:56

- First part is the student presentation on WLAN

- Second part, we will give information on oral examination

Publisert 13. apr. 2016 09:18

Date: 10 June

Time: from 9:00am

Room: CAML og C

Publisert 16. feb. 2016 19:35

There are changes on the teaching plan.

- Lecture on 01.04 is shifted to 22.04.

- and because of this change, there is no lecture on 01.04.

Publisert 26. jan. 2016 10:50

Thanks for choosing the topics!

Please go to the link below to see the presentation assignment. You can also find the link in the right side.

When we get email addresses of all students from IFI administration, we will also send out this message to your emailbox.