Semesterside for INF5050 - Vår 2017

room: Caml and C, 3rd floor OJD house

date: 6 June


Pls refer to this link for your timeslot.

23. apr. 2017 22:20

Please be informed that we donot have lecture on 10.02 (Friday). This is mainly due to time collision and urgent request from the industry guest. We have temporatily shift the topic "SIP" to 05.05.

You may go to the teaching plan and find more information.

3. feb. 2017 12:40

Please find the time and lecture room

Time: 9:15-12:00 

Date: 20.01.2017 (Friday)

Room: Java


INF5050 has the following features

  • Lectures are given by the invited experts from industry, government organizations and academic
  • State-of-the-art topics are well-covered, e.g., Big Data, Software Defined Networking, Cloud, Internet of Things
  • Classic topics are included and further updated, e.g., optical, WiFi, protocol for multimedia streaming, cyber attacks with real examples
  • Buidling strong connections between network principles and their applications in industry

First lecture brief inf...

11. nov. 2016 21:49